London Nocturnes
By Tim / 30/09/2019

We’ve been enjoying these strikingly beautiful views of London by night, produced as promotional material by paint manufacturers Pinchin, Johnson & Co. Ltd.

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How Can They This Blight Endure? William Wordsworth Objects to the Kendal & Windermere Railway
By Tim / 03/06/2019

This ‘Plan of the Kendal & Windermere Railway with the centre of the Lake District’ was published in Liverpool by the firm of Maclure, MacDonald & MacGregor circa 1850. The Lancaster & Carlisle Railway has been coloured blue, the Kendal & Windermere is shown in red. Thomas Hill of Kendal who is credited in the…

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Provenance-On-Sea: A Coastal Pilot’s Tale
By Tim / 07/05/2019

The atlas in front of me has quite a story. Published at the beginning of the French Revolutionary Wars, this is a British-produced pilot book. It’s a marine atlas with charts, coastal profiles and descriptive text, which in this case covers the French and Italian coastlines as far south as Naples. It belonged to the…

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‘Oh the blue of the Danube is greener than green’
By Tim / 13/04/2019

Allegory, symbolism and stunning colour in Blaeu’s map of the river

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He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Plaster Relief Map of Sussex…
By Tim / 13/04/2019

It’s not pizza, it’s a map.

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Playing with Maps: Taking a Tour Through Napoleonic Europe with the Dartons.
By Tim / 15/11/2018

A successful business built on strong values: it’s game night with the Dartons.

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Charles Pearson and the origins of the Met, the world’s first underground railway
By Tim / 04/09/2018

The London labyrinth and the origins of the Metropolitan Railway

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4-line Whip: A UERL Mapping Mystery
By Tim / 01/12/2017

Whip it good: colour-coding the Underground

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Restoration Comedy: The Highs & Lows of Bookbinding
By Tim / 28/11/2017

Cherish your bookbinders: it’s even harder than it looks.

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A Small Specimen of the Biggest Map: Fundraising for Horwood’s Monumental Plan of London
By Tim / 18/10/2017

No-one ever got rich from maps: a cautionary tale

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