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Blome’s Ward Plan of Whitechapel

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Blome’s Ward Plan of Whitechapel

Date of publication:

Printed Measurement:
28 x 36.5 cm

black and white


  • Richard Blome
  • A Map of the Parish of St Mary White Chappel.

    Copper engraving, 28 x 36.5 cm, black and white, blank verso. Includes Whitechapel Mount, possibly a natural feature incorporated into London’s Civil War defences, which was levelled at the end of the 18th century. The inset shows the Parish of St Katherine’s (Telford’s docks were built in the 1820s).

    John Stow's A Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster was originally published in 1598 and 1603, but revised and expanded works under his name appeared over the following two centuries. This detailed ward plan of Whitechapel was commissioned towards the end of his life by Richard Blome (1635-1705) for a proposed Survey or description of the citties of London and Westm[inste].r (entered in the Registers of the Stationers' Company in 1695) which never materialized. The plates were sold and Blome's name erased after his death and they were included in John Strype's edition of Stow's Survey printed in 1720 (which itself took over a decade to see through the press, despite the backing of a large consortium of booksellers), and in the edition of 1754-55.