Crespin’s Biblia


Illustrated mid sixteenth-century Latin Bible

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Biblia. Concordantiæ in eadem […] Annotationes ex sacris Scriptoribus sumptæ […] Interpretationes nominum Hebraicorum […] Indices copiosissimi, etc. Lugduni [Lyon], Ex Officina Typographica Ioannis Crispini, 1539.

Folio. ff. [cviii], 268, [xvii] (lacks final blank?) Four part woodcut title border with God the Father and angels in a tympanum, the six days of Creation as side columns, and St Peter at the foot. In the four corners are figures of the Evangelists. Title printed in red and black, Eusebian canons (leaves 209-211, Di-iii) also printed in red and black within a red architectural framework. Numerous woodcuts including large woodcuts of Creation and Solomon at the beginning of Genesis and Proverbs, and a full page cut of the Nativity at the beginning of the New Testament. Most of Crespin’s blocks are copies of those used by his fellow printers in Lyon, mainly Jean and Jacques Mareschal although one or two follow those used by Jacques Sacon. Title frayed at lower forecorner and strengthened at the gutter and lower margin; some light waterstaining at intervals, mostly marginal, most visibly affecting preliminaries and index, but affecting text on qiii-iv (Psalms). Nineteenth-century biscuit calf, c. 1840, tooled in gilt and blind, a little rubbed and scuffed. Early owenership inscriptions on title (Migeul de Arma?) and final leaf (Andrea?) Crespin had also published folio Bibles in 1527 and 1529.


Crespin’s Biblia



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