Hammond’s Air-Age Map of the World


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Lithographed world map on an azimuthal equidistant polar projection, 73 x 51.5 cm, printed in colours, blank verso.

The map shows global air-routes, including those over the Artic Circle, with distances. Although the focus of the map is civil aviation, and its postwar revival, naval bases and stations are marked. A panel beneath the map charts ‘the phenomenal development of aircraft’ in the first half century of powered flight, from the Wright brothers flimsy contraption of 1903 to the Lockheed Constellation, the first widely used civil airliner with a pressurised cabin: from the 1940s passengers could fly above bad weather in comfort and safety.


Hammond’s Air-Age Map of the World


CS Hammond & Co

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New York

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73 x 51.5 cm