Harris’ Map of Canton


A Plan of the City of Canton on the River Ta ho

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Copper engraving, 32 x 21 cm, probably engraved by Emanuel Bowen, black and white, key beneath identifying 13 landmarks, blank verso.

This is a map of Guangzhou, then known in English as Canton, based upon a plan which accompanied Johan Nieuhoff’s description of the 1655-58 Dutch embassy to China, which was first published in 1665. Europeans were not allowed within the city walls, so although Nieuhoff’s plan was based on second-hand reports it became one of the standard images of the city for several decades, even as Canton became one of the great global ports and a centre for the export of tea and porcelain. This example was published in John Harris’ ‘Navigantium’, a mid 18th century English compilation of ‘above 600 of the most authentic’ accounts of voyages and travels.


Harris’ Map of Canton




BOWEN, Emanuel

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black and white

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32 x 21 cm