Hell on Wheels: US 2nd Armored Division Campaign Map [revised version]


“Hell on Wheels” War Against the Axis 1942 – 1943 – 1944 – 1945

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Hell on Wheels: US 2nd Armored Division Campaign Map [revised version]




G-2 Section, 2nd Armored

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75 x 106 cm [sheet size]

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Second version of a campaign map charting the wartime progress of the US 2nd Armored Division, sheet size 75 x 106 cm, printed in colours, blank verso.

Inset panels deal with the crossing of the Atlantic from bases in the US, and operations in North Africa and Sicily; the main map covers the Normandy invasion through to the occupation of West Berlin in July 1945. The unit’s insignia is flanked by key placenames and the names of the unit’s commanding officers, including ‘blood and guts’ Patton. On this map, which is substantially larger than the earlier version, a border of tank tracks has been abandoned in favour of a detailed list of every town the unit passed through, the names of the enemy formations it faced, and the insignia of component combat units, such as the 66th Armor Regiment, the oldest armoured unit in the US army.

The map’s creator ‘M.E.B.’ remans unidentified. Worldcat suggests that the author is Mary E Gellie; she was certainly published under the initials ‘M.E.B.’, but these are mostly improving tales for younger readers written in the 1870s and 1880s. As the map was published by the G-2 or intelligence section of the unit, the artist may have been on the staff. The map was probably published in the field: this edition was passed by the Allied Expeditionary Force censor, suggesting that it was printed near to where the unit was located. 2nd Armored was the first American unit to enter Berlin. OCLC 183883921/945615393