Homann Heirs’ Map of Lazio


Il Lazio, con le sue piu cospicue Strade Antiche e Moderne… Latium cum omnibus suis celebrioribus viis quo ad Antiquum & novuum Statum…

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Copper engraving, 51 x 60 cm, original hand-colour, trivial marginal waterstaining, removed from an old mount, blank verso. Detailed map of the Lazio region, extending south of Rome; the 18 point key lists the ancient and modern names for the gates of the capital.

The founder of the business, Johann Baptist Homann (1664-1724), was a self-taught copper engraver who founded the leading German cartographic publishing house of the eighteenth-century. He was appointed cartographer to the Holy Roman Emperor in 1715, and his maps were sold throughout Europe. After Homann’s death his maps were published by his son, Johann Christoph, and then by the Homann Heirs (his friend Johann Michael Franz and his stepsister’s husband Johann Georg Ebersberger).


Homann Heirs’ Lazio


Homann Heirs

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51 x 60 cm