Maitland’s Birdseye Plan of Elizabethan London


A View of London about the year 1560

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Copper engraving, 30 x 47 cm, black and white, slight age-toning, blank verso; birds eye plan of Elizabethan London published as the frontispiece to Maitland’s History of London.

Beneath the map a 47 point key details ‘The Remarkable Places in this Antient View of London that are not distinguished by Words in the Body thereof’, and below the key is a note explaining that the map has been copied form a larger original in the collection of Sir Hans Sloane. This was presumably the woodcut copied for the Society of Antiquaries by George Vertue a year or so earlier, and attributed by him – on slender evidence – to Ralph Agas. However, there are subtle differences between Vertue’s ‘Agas’ map and this one, which has led to suggestions that Sloane actally possessed two maps: a large early 17th century woodcut copied by Vertue, and a complete example of the lost ‘copperplate map of London’ (or early derivative) which was copied for Maitland (Howgego p. 12). Howgego, Printed Maps of London, 8b.


Maitland’s Birdseye Plan of Elizabethan London



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black and white

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30 x 47 cm