Manuscript Map of Etchu Province, Honshu Island


Manuscript map of Etchu Province, Honshu Island, Japan, probably mid nineteenth-century.

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The focus of this map is Toyama, a significant sea-port in what was once Etchu province on Honshu. On stylistic grounds the map appears to date from the mid 19th century, and the script is pre-Meji era.

Toyama and the surrounding towns are shown in the yellow circles, linked by red roads, and regions are also named. It is unsigned (on the back of the map is written ‘Etchu Map’). Most of the text concerns distances, a form of mileage table. There is a note, top right, which appears to indicate that the information in red is less certain than the information in black. Various other things are shown on the map: shrines and temples, hot springs, and a gate where travellers would have to show passports.

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Manuscript map, sheet size 48.2 x 73.7 cm, ink on laid paper.


Manuscript Map of Etchu Province, Honshu Island



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48.2 x 73.7 cm [sheet size]