Planning the Invasion of England


Mappe A […] Militärgeographische Angaben über England […] 3 Auflage, Abgeschlossen am 31 August 1941

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Folder A, 3rd edition (completed 31 August 1941), comprising: 1. Textheft: booklet, pp. 106 + 3 folding maps, 1 coloured showing British industries; 2. Ortschaftsverzeichnis: booklet, pp. 165, gazetteer; 3. Bildheft England insgesamt (typiche lanschaftsbilder): booklet, pp. 177, photographs of typical English landscapes; 4. Übersichtskarte: map, physical features; 5. Militärgeographische Operationskarte Süd und Mittlelengland: map, planning, south and midlands; 6. Eisenbahnnetz mit stationsverzeichnis: map, railways; 7. booklet, missing; 8. Fernverkehrsstrassen: map, roads; 9. Übersicht der Gewässer: map, waterways [canals and trunk roads etc]; 10. Fernsprech- und Telegraphennetz; Funkstellen (Rückseite): map, telephone and telegraph offices, radio installations; 11. Elektrizitätsversorgung: map, electricity supply; 12. Bevölkerungsverteilung 1931, popluation distribution in 1931; 13. Stadtdurchfahrtpläne England: booklet, pp. 162, 160 town plans with index map and alphabetical index. The missing booklet is an index to the railway stations on map 6 (although an index appears on the verso of the map, also). The worn folder shows significant signs of use. The pale-green card wallet is faded and has a number of closed tears, the maps have been incorrectly folded in places and the wrappers of the booklets have some creasing and staining. However, this is a scarce item, forming a substantial part of the German invasion plans for Britain, published by the German Army General Staff, department of military mapping and surveying. Most maps and books are headed ‘Nur für den Dienstgebrauch!’, ‘for official use!’. This is one of three thick A5 folders: our folder, A, covers England and Wales; folder B covered London and folder C the coast, with potential invasion beaches. A series of larger A4 folders contained large-scale town plans and photographs.


Planning the Invasion of England


German General Staff


Generalstab des Heeres, Abteilung für Kriegskarten und Vermessungswesen

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