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SDUK Map of Canada
SDUK Map of Canada

SDUK Map of Canada


British North America

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SDUK Map of Canada




WALKER, John & Charles


Baldwin & Craddock

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32.5 x 41 cm

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Steel engraving, 32.5 x 41 cm, original hand colour in outline, blank verso; engraved by J.&C. Walker after manuscript material in the archive of the Hudson Bay Company, specified as by ‘Parry, Franklin, Beechey, Graab &c’, who are among the leading explorers of the region. With the help of the latest information this map of Canada shows considerable detail of the northwest passage, including a speculative stretch of coastline based on an account given by indigenous people to James Clark Ross. Later versions of the map were updated to show the latest discoveries, and the tracks of arctic navigators such as Franklin, Collinson, Rae and McClintock. The border with the United States reflects British claims prior to the settlement of 1846, on the outbreak of the Mexican-American War. The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge was founded in 1826 with the high-minded aim of making ‘useful’ information available to self-taught members of the working and lower middle classes. Some of the material was decidedly abstruse, subscribers fell away and the Society was wound up in 1848; however, the series of 209 maps published over a 14 year period from 1829 onwards were highly praised for their superior quality, accuracy and aesthetic appeal and remain an outstanding achievement.

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