Tardieu’s World Map with the Voyages of Cook & de Bougainville


Mappe-Monde suivant la projection des cartes réduites; où l’on a tracé les routes de Mr. de Bougainville, et les deux derniers voyages du Capitaine Cook

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Copper engraving, 34.5 x 44.5 cm, engraved by André, original hand colour in outline, light spotting, blank verso.

Tardieu’s map tracks the routes taken by Cook, and his French contemporary the Comte de Bougainville. Cook’s discoveries are reflected in a number of ways, for example the relatively accurate depiction of New Zealand. Tasmania is still depicted as linked to Australia, and Tardieu has more or less ignored the voyages of Cook and Vancouver along the northwest coast of north America in the 1770s, preferring instead to show ‘the sea of the west’.

Maps depicting the purported 1640 voyage of a Spanish Admiral, Bartholomew de Fonte, (supposedly between Hudson Bay and the Pacific), began to be circulated in some numbers about 70 years later, contributing to speculation about the Northwest passage. Tardieu shows rivers linking his mythical sea with Hudson Bay, while a vast but un-named lake to the north feeds rivers flowing into the Pacific.


Tardieu’s World Map with the Voyages of Cook & de Bougainville


TARDIEU, Pierre François



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34.5 x 44.5 cm