Wir Fahren U-Bahn: the board game


Let’s ride the U-Bahn

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Wir Fahren U-Bahn: the board game




Bogdan Girovius

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42 x 58.5 cm

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Let’s ride the U-Bahn, a Berlin underground board game ‘for young and old’. The board is a colour-coded U-Bahn map, featuring the official logo, measuring 42 x 58.5 cm. The box measures 20.5 x 43.5 x 3 cm, with a colour printed label on the cover and rule-sheet pasted to the inside.
There are 10 wooden counters, colour-coded to match the lines, and the original wooden die.

Having chosen a colour, the object is to travel from one terminus to the other on the corresponding line; the only exception is the very short Line E (grey), where the player has to choose a terminus on Line A (red). If a player lands on an interchange station he must change lines, using other interchanges to return to his original line. If two players land on the same station, the first player misses a turn. Approaching the terminus, one needs to throw the exact number to complete the journey. Beneath the rules of the game are a selection of real BVG rules: avoid the rush hours; do not carry bulky luggage; do not stand in the aisle; stand up for disabled people.
See the example in the Deutsches Historisches Museum (inventarnr. AK 93/790).