Wyld’s Map of the Countries Between England & India


Map of the countries between England & India designed to shew the over-land and sea routes to the east and the relative position of Russia to England & Hindostan

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Copper engraving, 62.5 x 79 cm, original hand colour in outline, two fold-out tabs which extend the map to include parts of the Iberian peninsula and the subcontinent, blank verso; our example was folded for inclusion in Wyld’s atlas, dissected beneath the title and imprint and re-joined with linen. The borders post-date the second Anglo-Sikh War, are correct for the later stages of the Russo-Circassian War and pre-date Russian expansion into Independent Tartary.

As Wyld appreciated, there was plenty of interest among his contemporaries in the various routes to India. In the mid 19th century the route pioneered by Thomas Fletcher Waghorn reduced the journey time between Britain and India to about 40 days (from three months or more which was usual at the beginning of the century). However, the focus of the map is Central Asia, where the ‘great game’ between Russia and Britain was played out, and Wyld tapped in to his British audience’s growing fears of Russian expansion towards Afghanistan and India.


Wyld's Map of the Countries Between England & India


WYLD [the younger], James

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62.5 x 79 cm