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Blaeu’s Map of Lothian

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Blaeu’s Map of Lothian

Date of publication:

Printed Measurement:
38 x 55.5 cm



  • Joannes Blaeu
  • Timothy Pont
  • Lothian and Linlitquo

    Copper engraving, 38 x 55.5 cm, with original hand-colour, slightly browned (as often the case with this volume), margins trimmed but still ample, Latin text to verso. Edinburgh and environs.
    By the time Blaeu’s ‘Atlas Major’ was first published in 1662 it comprised some 600 maps and filled twelve folio volumes - it was also among the most valuable books of its time. A disastrous fire in 1672 destroyed most of the original copper printing plates. Within this vast project Blaeu's Scottish volume, originally published in 1654, was the first truly detailed printed survey of the country. It relied heavily on manuscript maps prepared at the turn of the 17th century by Timothy Pont which had never previously been published, with some additional material provided by Robert Gordon of Straloch and others, all saved for posterity and put into the hands of Blaeu by his local correspondent Sir John Scot of Scotstarvit (as a map publisher, Blaeu carefully cultivated men in every country who could provide him with accurate cartographic information). This detailed regional mapping meant that, at a stroke, Scotland had become one of the best mapped countries in 17th century Europe.
    Koeman, Atlantes Neerlandici, Bl 56