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Bowen's Map of the Americas from the Navigantium

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Bowen's Map of the Americas from the Navigantium

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  • Emanuel Bowen
  • Parts Undiscovered

    At the time of this map's publication in John Harris' ‘Navigantium’, a mid 18th century English compilation of ‘above 600 of the most authentic’ accounts of voyages and travels, the northwest remained 'parts undiscovered'. Beyond 'the supposed Straits of Annian' lay explorers' hopes for the Northwest Passage.

    The mapmaker

    Born in Wales c. 1693, Emanuel Bowen was an important British cartographer, engraver to both George II and Louis XV. He produced some of the most decorative eighteenth century English maps. In spite of his royal appointments, in 1767 he died in poverty: "reduced through family extravagances, and almost blind through age" (Gough). He was a Freemason and a Baptist and was buried at Bunhill Fields, a London cemetery for dissenters.

    Condition & Materials 

    Copper engraving, 35.5 x 44.5 cm, modern hand-colour, blank verso.