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Garbutt’s 1966 Passenger Map – Special World Cup Issue

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Garbutt’s 1966 Passenger Map – Special World Cup Issue

Date of publication:

Printed Measurement:
15 x 22.5 cm


  • Johnson Riddle & Co.
  • Johnson Riddle & Co. Ltd
  • Colour:


  • Paul E Garbutt
  • The only London underground map with a Willie on it

    Special issue London underground passenger map published in July 1966, 15 x 22.5 cm, printed in colours on paper. The front cover features World Cup Willie, the first ever World Cup mascot, and the monochrome covers are in keeping with other 1966 World Cup branded station signage preserved in the London Transport Museum. It is the standard 1966 design by Paul Garbutt, except that the usual grid has been left off, but as there is no index on the covers a location grid would have been pointless.

    The map was printed by one of the London Underground’s regular contractors, Johnson Riddle & Co, Ltd, but unusually there is no print code, so we cannot easily determine how many were produced. Typical runs in the 1960s were between 500,000 and 1,000,000, with two or three printings a year to top up supplies. 1,000,000 copies of the standard map were printed in February 1966, so a large number were presumably still in circulation in July when the World Cup took place. This special issue may therefore have had a fairly limited run. Souvenir issues are normally treasured and large numbers of maps made for events such as the Festival of Britain in 1951 or the 1953 Coronation of Elizabeth II have survived, so a limited print run seems the most plausible explanation for the relative scarcity of this map. The covers carry directions for how to get to the Wembley and White City stadiums, so the maps may have been distributed at major termini such as Charing Cross or Euston – anywhere bringing large numbers of passengers into London.