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Maitland’s Map of London’s Civil War Fortifications

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Maitland’s Map of London’s Civil War Fortifications

Date of publication:

Printed Measurement:
22 x 35 cm

black and white


  • William Maitland
  • Engraver(s):
    George Vertue

    A Plan of the City and Suburbs of London as fortified by Order of Parliament in the Years 1642 & 1643

    Copper engraving, 22 x 35 cm, engraved by George Vertue, black and white, blank verso. Published in editions of Maitland's 'History of London’ from 1738 onwards; the pagination of our example suggests that it appeared in one of the later issues. The scrolls on either side list 23 forts, numbered on the map, linked by 18 miles of ramparts which were constructed early in the English Civil War to protect Parliamentarian London from Royalist assault. See Adams, London Illustrated, 33/005 and 38/006.