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Maitland’s Southeast Prospect of Westminster Bridge

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Maitland’s Southeast Prospect of Westminster Bridge

Date of publication:

Printed Measurement:
39.5 x 57 cm

William Maitland

black and white

Benjamin Cole

After Canaletto. When you have Canaletto’s brush I guess everything looks like Venice…

Copper engraving, 39.5 x 57 cm, engraved by Benjamin Cole after Antonio Canaletto’s painting of the Lord Mayor’s Procession on the Thames, black and white, blank verso. Published in the greatly expanded second edition of Maitland’s ‘History of London’. Lettered below the image, a key from A-R identifies landmarks on the banks and the individual barges participating in the procession. Westminster Bridge was completed in 1750, during Canaletto’s stay in England; Hawksmoor’s upper sections of the west towers of Westminster Abbey were completed in 1745. Adams, London Illustrated, 38/100.