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WW1 Russian Satirical Postcard Map

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WW1 Russian Satirical Postcard Map

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  • Novoe Krivoe Zerkalo
  • A larger version of this pictorial propaganda map was published by Moscow-based Novoe Krivoe Zerkalo, New Distorting (or ‘Crooked’) Mirror magazine, and it was clearly issued as a postcard at the same time.

    The map reflects the situation in Europe on the outbreak of the Great War. The modest British Expeditionary Force is symbolised by a red-jacketed British soldier in pillbox hat and tartan trews, reaching one arm across the channel; Italy, still neutral, stands slope-shouldered with arms by his sides; a German soldier hugs his Turkish ally in a protective embrace. Meanwhile, a giant Russian soldier bellows threateningly at the neutral Scandinavian countries, while his smaller comrades drive the Germans and Austrians before them.

    Condition & Materials 

    Russian satirical map postcard, 9 x 14 cm, printed in colours, divided back, unused. An artist’s signature, bottom left, has us stumped. Contact us if you know something about it.