Playing with Maps: Taking a Tour Through Napoleonic Europe with the Dartons.
By Tim / 15/11/2018

A successful business built on strong values: it’s game night with the Dartons.

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Pictorial Plans of London: MacDonald Gill & beyond
By Tim / 22/02/2015

This post is something of a work in progress, so please check back now and again to see if I’ve been able to expand it. So far I’ve tried to avoid some of the most well-known maps, but in this instance there’s no excuse for not beginning with MacDonald Gill’s playful and eccentric Wonderground map…

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From the Great Rebellion to the Great Game: playing for India
By Tim / 25/08/2011

Cartographic games – often using a map as the board (like Risk) – are a genre in their own right, and one which has attracted ever increasing amounts of scholarly interest. Take Jill Shefrin’s detailed study of a particular publisher of juvenilia, published last year: The Dartons. Publishers of Educational Aids, Pastimes & Juvenile Ephemera, 1787-1876 (Graaf,…

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