Rain Stops Play: A Brief Visit to West Norwood Cemetery
By Tim / 01/04/2020

Finding Charles Pearson at West Norwood Cemetery, which is especially rich in dead members of the map trade.

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Piccadilly Tim: Exploring Hidden London
By Tim / 31/01/2020

Everyone’s a sucker for ‘lost’ or ‘abandoned’ tunnels, and we at Bryars & Bryars are no exception.

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A Visit to Surrey Quays
By Tim / 31/10/2019

This set of maps of the Surrey Commercial Docks was published in May 1905. Most of the Surrey Docks have been filled and redeveloped for housing, but the southwestern corner of Greenland Dock still exists, so I thought I’d get the Thames Clipper to Surrey Quays and take the map home.

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A Magnificent 1 out of 7
By Tim / 30/09/2019

We have a plan to visit all of London’s ‘Magnificent Seven’ – the seven vast cemeteries laid out in the years on either side of 1840, around what was then the periphery of the city.

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