Kerry Lee’s London
By Tim / 01/02/2017

Artist and pictorial map maker Kerry Lee created two distinctive maps of London, both of which were revised and adapted over a 20 year period, between the late 1930s and mid 1950s. (Read our two posts about Kerry’s life and work here  and here) ‘London Town’ was Kerry’s first foray into mapping the capital, a…

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Kerry Lee Revisited: cartographer, commercial artist, socialist
By Tim / 06/01/2016

For the first post of 2016 I’m delighted to return to the congenial company of artist and pictorial map-maker Kerry Lee (1902-1988). Two of Kerry’s children, John and Bronwen, and John’s wife Elizabeth have all been very generous with their time and knowledge. I am also indebted to my friend and map-trade colleague Rod Barron,…

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Kerry Lee, his dog Jim, and Dick Turpin on Hampstead Heath
By Tim / 16/10/2015

Now and again the internet brings surprises of the best possible kind. In an earlier blog post about pictorial maps of London I lamented that next to nothing had been written about the artist Kerry Lee, best known as a creator of pictorial, often gently comic maps of British towns and cities in the mid…

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