The Contemporary Tree Sheep Reviews – Charles Booth’s London Poverty Maps by Mary S Morgan, Iain Sinclair et al, published by Thames & Hudson, 2019
By Tim / 01/04/2020

Pioneering large-scale statistical maps might sound dry as dust, but as Iain Sinclair writes in his foreword to this volume, they have a ‘morbid beauty’. Sinclair is an inspired choice to lead us in to Charles Booth’s London.

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The Contemporary Tree Sheep Reviews – Tube Map Travels: Imitations, adaptations, and explorations worldwide by Maxwell J Roberts, published by Capital Transport, 2019
By Tim / 31/01/2020

‘Tube Map Travels’ is about the unofficial maps of the London Underground, the ones which were not produced by TfL or any of its predecessors and which, in fact, TfL might like to suppress if it were possible.

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​The Contemporary Tree Sheep Reviews – Sounds & Furies: The Love Hate Relationship Between Women and Slang by Jonathon Green, published Robinson, 2019​
By Tim / 27/11/2019

It was with genuine pleasure that we received an invitation to the launch of Jonathon Green’s latest book on slang, ‘Sounds and Furies’. Green has been working in this field for over 40 years, and there can be few people with his depth of knowledge.

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London Bridge and its Houses c. 1209-1761 by Dorian Gerhold, published by The London Topographical Society, 2019
By Tim / 31/10/2019

This year’s book from the London Topographical Society captures ‘the audacity of laying a ribbon of stone across such a powerful river’ – and then building on it

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Mudlarking: Lost and Found on the River Thames, by Lara Maiklem (Bloomsbury, 2019)
By Tim / 30/09/2019

This is a delightful book, its narrative flowing with the tidal reaches of the Thames from Teddington all the way east to Tilbury, right out on the Estuary.

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