At checkout, you'll be asked to tick a box confirming that you accept our terms and conditions before your order can be processed. Those terms and conditions are set out below – some of them are general, while others cover specific processes like returns. We hope that everything is clear, but Contact us if you have any questions.

The total cost of any order will only ever be the item(s) cost, inclusive of tax where applicable, plus shipping. Shipping rates are calculated in the basket and/or at checkout, or via negotiation where indicated. For more detailed information on how shipping costs are calculated, see Shipping.

The product descriptions for each item (covering the description of goods for sale from Bryars & Bryars per the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 and the Consumer Rights Act 2015) are produced in accordance with the high standards of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association and the British Antique Dealers' Association.  Customers should find all goods to be of satisfactory quality within the limits of those descriptions, i.e. that the physical condition of any item for sale is thoroughly and correctly documented. Please note that the maps, books and prints we sell are for academic, historical, social/personal and aesthetic purposes only – e.g. maps are not intended for practical navigational use as we cannot guarantee that they are suitable for this purpose. As They Might Be Giants once sang, "every gal in Constantinople lives in Istanbul, not Constantinople" – if you plan a date in Constantinople using one of our old maps or guide books, we won't be responsible for the consequences...

Measurements given in map descriptions pertain to the printed area unless otherwise indicated – this is a universally accepted practice among dealers and collectors since, as page/paper size can vary with time and according to use, these are the only measurements that usefully allow comparisons between various examples of the same map. The total size of any given map won’t be wildly different from the printed area measurements, but if you want to be 100% sure you have space for something on your wall you can always ask us.

All images used on this site, except where expressly stated or where clearly a social media repost, were created by Bryars & Bryars.  As such we retain the copyright.  We are happy for our images or writing to be shared for non-commercial purposes – please credit us. As well as being the decent thing to do, it helps to keep an image connected to its meaning. It should go without saying that our product images are unique to the item being described even when the item itself is one of made, and should not be used to illustrate other examples of the same item.

Order Processing

When you place an order through the website, your card is authorised at checkout to ensure it has sufficient funds to make the payment. Pinda will then assemble everything for shipping or collection and double check all the order details. Once your order is ready to ship or collect, it will be marked 'completed' and your card will be charged. You will receive at least two emails from us – one is generated automatically to let you know the website has accepted the order for processing; and another is sent to let you know when it's been shipped (along with tracking info) or is ready for collection. Customers who've purchased a collection-only item may receive additional email reminders.

We aim to dispatch orders within 2 working days of receiving them, and will contact you in the event of any delay.

Depending on where you want your order sent, there may be shipping restrictions in place. Different countries have different rules about importing antiques, which we have to abide by. This may result in us cancelling your order. Most of our stock is free to travel, but if we're unable to send you something we'll let you know as soon as possible.  Your card will not have been charged.  If you're unsure about something, you can phone or email us to check before completing your order online or on the telephone. Telephone orders will be processed via the shop credit card terminal.

We may place exceptionally large orders on hold to negotiate a custom shipping quote where the automated table of rates does not provide for a particular item, or cover a sufficient percentage of our costs in shipping your order. This will be done in writing via email, and your card will not be charged until we have your agreement (also in writing).

We reserve the right to reject orders and/or suspend user accounts if we suspect a fraudulent transaction. Orders with different billing and shipping addresses may be placed on hold if we feel the need to make further enquiries. 

Cancellations, Refunds & Complaints


If you contact us before your order is shipped, we can cancel it and your card won't be charged. If it's too late, or if you change your mind once you've received the order, you can contact us to ask for a refund.

We give refunds for any item returned to us by post or in person (within either the 14 or 30 day periods detailed below). Returns must be made to Bryars & Bryars, 7 Cecil Court, London WC2N 4EZ whether your item was purchased in the shop, online, at a fair, or under any other circumstances. The refunded amount will normally be the original cost of the item plus postage (if charged); however, we reserve the right to offer partial refunds if the returned item is damaged (excluding damage sustained in transit) either deliberately or by excessive or careless handling. Christmas cards or similar items must be returned in a useable condition (e.g. not written in). Refunds will only be authorised to the card used to make the original purchase – no cash, credit or alternative is offered. We insist that returns not made in person are made using a delivery service that furnishes a useable tracking number/facility and requires a signature – this is to ensure that the return is being made in good faith.  The cost of this service will be credited to you along with your refund, and under the same terms. If you use a tracked service and the item still doesn't reach us through the fault of the postal service/courier, you will still get your refund (the good faith works both ways).

You have 14 days from receipt/collection of your completed order to request a refund (for any or no reason), in person or in writing/email, and a further 14 days after making contact to return the goods. Concurrently, you have 30 days from purchase to request a refund under the Consumer Rights Act if your order is not as described, not fit for purpose, or not of satisfactory quality. Your refund (which if requested under the Consumer Rights Act will first be investigated and must be agreed to by us, in writing) will be issued within 14 days of us receiving the returned goods (or after receiving a valid tracking number showing that the goods returned by post have been sent).

Please note that single items with multiple pieces (e.g. sets of books or collections of maps) will only and always be treated as single items.  They are listed on the website or presented in a shop as single items, with a single price. We will not entertain requests for partial refunds (e.g. returning one volume of three) – every piece that comprises the item must be returned.

Under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations and the Consumer Rights Act, we are under a legal duty to supply goods that are in conformity with the contract established when you buy from us. If you have any complaints, please try to resolve them with us in the first instance. Your statutory rights are not affected.

A note on availability

We operate out of a shop rather than a warehouse, so all our stock is available for sale from the shelves and walls.  When an order comes through we try to process it as quickly as possible, but there may be occasions when an something you've ordered has just been sold in the shop. All our processes are set up to minimise this possibility, but if it does happen you have our sincere apologies and assurances that you haven't been charged.

A note on VAT

Books and maps are zero-rated for VAT. Prints attract the standard 20% rate of VAT in the UK. VAT is automatically deducted at checkout where applicable, based on the billing/shipping address provided.

Customers from outside the UK should note that your package may incur additional local taxes or customs charges.

Collecting your order from the shop

If you choose to collect your order from the shop, you can do so between our normal opening hours of 11.00-18.00, Monday to Saturday. You'll need to bring a note of your order number (found in the emails we send you about your order or in the Account section of the website – from which you can also print order details) and the card you used to pay with. 

Orders must be collected within 14 days, starting when you receive an email telling you that your order is ready for collection, which will include a collect-by date.  The collect-by date will usually be calculated to exclude Sundays and public holidays; if the shop has to be closed for any other reason once your collection period has begun, we will extend it accordingly and in writing. The collection period may be curtailed in December for orders placed in the period leading up to Christmas closing, but this will always be made clear in any order correspondence.

Alternative arrangements (such as holding your order for longer, or collection outside opening hours) can be made at our discretion, but if no arrangement is agreed any uncollected orders will be refunded and the item(s) returned to sale.

Custom shipping quotes

Some of our items require a custom shipping quote. Our table of shipping rates accommodates most of our stock, but to get the best prices for larger items we find that it's better to book shipping using that item's specific dimensions.

If you purchase an item online requiring a custom shipping quote, we will contact you with a price based on the item's packaged dimensions and your shipping address. Once you have agreed to the shipping price in writing, your card will be charged for shipping plus the item's price.

For London-based customers, we can also offer a courier quote if it's more cost-effective on the day, and also convenient for you. The transaction will proceed as above.

Local delivery/courier

If you see something on the website that you'd like to have couriered to a London address, please phone us. We can get a price from our courier and call you back to complete the transaction.

Payment policy

We only take payments through the website, the shop credit card terminal, the mobile credit card reader and PayPal invoices in pounds sterling. Cheques offered as payment in the shop must be drawn on a UK bank. We do not store credit card details, nor do we share customer details with any third parties (with the sole and tightly controlled exception of technical support situations).  Anything you order through the website, in the shop or on the telephone remains the property of Tim Bryars Ltd (of which Bryars & Bryars is a trading name) until we have received payment in full.

Payment information is handled in conditions of the strictest security. Our payment processes are all fully PCI compliant. That compliance is regularly reviewed by Security Metrics to ensure that we continue meeting the highest possible standards.

Privacy Policy & Data Handling


Who we are, and who processes your data

We are Bryars & Bryars, a trading name of Tim Bryars Ltd [Company Number 4860630]. We trade from 7 Cecil Court, London WC2N 4EZ. Our telephone number is 020 7836 1910, and the person who handles and protects all your data is Pinda. She can be reached over the phone, via the contact form, or at [email protected] We take our customers’ privacy very seriously. We’re both people ourselves, not a faceless megacorp bent on data manipulation, and we want to do things in the best, simplest, safest way. Below, we’re going to outline what sorts of data we collect and what we do with it.

Sales Data

Customer data gathered in the shop, online or at the London Map Fair is, primarily and transparently, used in pursuance of a contract. We need information like your shipping address or the name on your credit card in order to sell you the things you want to buy, while satisfying people like our payment processors that we’re complying with all local and international regulations. In all sales or purchase transactions, we will never ask for more data that we need to comply with regulations and successfully execute the transaction. Communications as part of a transaction may include automated emails regarding your order, or reminders from us that your order is ready. Any further contact between us can only be established by your express consent outside the transaction. The only instance in which we acquire personal data from a third party is if somebody buys one of our items as a gift and asks us to ship it to you. You’ll know this has happened once you receive the package, which will include a delivery note with our contact information on it. Your data is then subject to the same conditions as our other sales data.

We may share details of suspected fraudulent transactions with the police, relevant authorities (like our bank) or the trade bodies of which we are members to protect our interests and those of our colleagues.


Our website makes use of a number of cookies, which you can read about here in more detail.

Contact form

Information entered via our contact form, powered by Gravity Forms, will only ever be used to answer whatever questions you’ve asked us via said form. Your personally identifiable information will not be shared with anyone. Uploaded files, like lists of items for sales or pictures of maps, may be shared with other experts in the trade if that’s the best way to get you an answer. Contact form responses are deleted automatically every 30 days.

Blog comments

The WordPress commenting system, used by the blog, gives you the option to enter your email address. It’s not compulsory, and any such information will be deleted as and when your comment is approved for publication or rejected. We will not retain your contact information or engage in any discussion outside the relevant comment thread.

Rhumb Lines

Our occasional digital broadside, Rhumb Lines, is built using a tool called Jilt (which also sends our transactional emails, e.g. order confirmations). This helps us make the emails themselves, and add/manage subscribers. You can only be subscribed by choosing to enter your information via a dedicated sign-up form either on this website or on social media, a tick box at checkout, or by asking us directly – any other email addresses given to us are used for their express purpose only (e.g. fulfilling an order) and are stored or deleted accordingly, but never added to the mailing list. If you sign up for Rhumb Lines, the only purpose for which we will use your email address, and the entire email list, is for distributing Rhumb Lines. You can unsubscribe by clicking the appropriate link in each issue, or contact Pinda directly to have your email address removed from the list. We will never, ever, share your information with a third party for money or for any other reason. 

Third party technical support

Where the website encounters a technical difficulty (that I can't Google my way out of), it may become necessary to grant temporary administrative access to a third party. Access credentials are created and shared securely so that nobody but a legitimate member of support staff has access to the site; and revoked immediately as soon as the support task is completed. For your complete reassurance, no administrator (including me, the Pinda who made and runs the site) has access to any of your payment information, at any time. We can only capture or decline authorised payments, or issue refunds. That's it.

Data Retention & Deletion

So that covers the data we ask for from you. You can see that data collected by Gravity Forms, WordPress and Jilt is subject to specific purposes, strict control and regular deletion. Should you wish at any time for the data we hold in these respects to be deleted, you do not have to wait for our regular data housekeeping to take place. You can contact Pinda directly, at any time, and all such data will be deleted within 7 working days (which for us includes Saturday).  You should also know that you have a right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office if you have any concerns about the way we do things. 

Data We Can't Delete

The information we gather for sales is a little different. As self-employed people, we are legally obliged by HMRC to keep all our records for at least 5 years. As such, we cannot entertain requests for this information to be deleted, as we’d be failing to meet a very serious legal obligation. Please be assured that this data is securely held and safely archived.

Legitimate Interests for Processing Data

That about covers our lawful basis for processing data; we should mention our legitimate interest for processing data too. The sales data we retain is incredibly useful to us in planning our business strategy. We do not use any personally identifiable information, but we do analyse sales trends. This is so we know what kinds of things buy, what best to take with us to the London Map Fair etc. Any such analysis happens in-house, with customer names (or any other personally identifiable information) filtered out.

We use Google Analytics to see how well our website is performing. We do not pass on any personally identifiable information.

The final kind of communication that might exist between you and us is the kind that forms the basis of an ongoing relationship. Businesses like ours are built on trust and a mutual passion for the material – we have customers (friends, really) we’ve known since before email was popular. If you express a general interest in an area of collecting (either verbally or in writing) and want us to tell you when we’ve got material that might interest you, the information you provide goes into our customer database. Nobody is added automatically, by buying from us or writing to us ordinarily. But if you’re a keen collector and your interest extends beyond one specific enquiry, we’ll make a note of it with your permission. Your information is private and secure, and is only used in furtherance of your collecting. Again, you can ask us to delete any database information we hold on you at any time and it shall be done within the 7 working day window.