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1616 saw the death of WS and M de C

On 23 April the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers will, for the second time, promote a worldwide series of “pop-up book fairs“. In 2015 this initiative, based around UNESCO’s World Book and Copyright Day, raised over 10,000€ to support child literacy in South Sudan (and helped generate publicity for old books, too); this year, they […]

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From A-Z to Gay-Z

Now and again I write in the hope that one of our readers is going to be able to offer further enlightenment. Today’s topic is gay city maps, made specifically for a gay audience. As far as I know, the ‘London Gay City Map’ issued with the 1982 Spartacus International Gay Guide for Gay Men, […]

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Napoleon’s Abdications

This month is going to be all about Waterloo. I’m certainly expecting to see a healthy tranche of related material at this weekend’s London Map Fair. But I’m rather pleased with this separately published map we’ll have on our stand at the RGS, a broadsheet which would have been passed from hand to hand among Frenchmen […]

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Unauthorised Mapping on the District Railway

I’m facing one of those conundrums which occur in the daily life of an antiquarian mapseller. A map I’ve never seen before, not described in any of the relevant bibliographical material, no author, no imprint, no date. Ho hum. Here it is:   It shows the District railway, and in style (eg depiction of the […]

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Pictorial Plans of London: MacDonald Gill & beyond

This post is something of a work in progress, so please check back now and again to see if I’ve been able to expand it. So far I’ve tried to avoid some of the most well-known maps, but in this instance there’s no excuse for not beginning with MacDonald Gill’s playful and eccentric Wonderground map […]

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