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On Maps

  • The dollar octopus, 1942

    The dollar octopus, 1942

    High time for another cartographic cephalopod. This one by Dutch artist Louis Emile Manche (1908-82) arrived in the shop just too late for this year’s London Map Fair, but I’m still pleased to have located an original example. Compare and...

  • The view from Japan, 1904

    The view from Japan, 1904

    A very scarce satirical map, and one which I anticipate will be passing through my hands pretty quickly. However, as temporary custodian I can’t resist sharing it. It’s a delight. Cartoon or satirical world maps are an unusual form in...

  • The course of true love

    The course of true love

    I’m not much of a one for Valentine’s Day in the ordinary run of things, but I feel like making a special effort this year. So here are one or two whimsical ‘maps of matrimony’ - a popular nineteenth century...