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Sanson’s Map of Ancient Sarmatia

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Sanson’s Map of Ancient Sarmatia

Date of publication:

Printed Measurement:
41.5 x 47.5 cm


  • Pierre Mariette
  • Colour:


  • Nicolas Sanson
  • Sarmatia utraque Europaea et Asiatica

    Copper engraving, 41.5 x 47.5 cm, original hand-colour in outline, trivial spotting, blank verso. Map showing parts of European Russia and Ukraine in antiquity. For Greco-Roman geographers and ethnographers, Sarmatia was in western Scythia, bordering the Roman Empire. Nicolas Sanson (1600-1667), founder of the Sanson dynasty of map-makers, is considered by many to be the father of the French school of cartography. He was a prolific and original map-maker, admired for the clarity and scientific accuracy of his maps.