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Niebuhr’s Map of Yemen

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Niebuhr’s Map of Yemen

Date of publication:

Printed Measurement:
59 x 39.5 cm



  • Carsten Niebuhr
  • Engraver(s):
    Defehrt after Martin

    Terrae Yemen maxima Pars seu Imperii Imami, Principatus Kaukebân, nec non ditionum Haschid u Bekîl, Nehhm, Chaulân, Abu Arîsch Et Aden, Tabula ex observationibus astronomicis et hodometricia jussu et sumtibus Potentissimor Daniae Regnum Friderici V. Et Christiani VII. institutis delineata Auctore C. Niebuhr

    Copper engraving, 59 x 39.5 cm, map of Yemen engraved by Defehrt after Martin, modern hand-colour, blank verso; engraved in Copenhagen in 1771, our example is from one of the original Copenhagen editions of Niebuhr’s account of his travels published in 1772-1773, rather the Amsterdam editions of 1774 onwards.

    Niebuhr was the sole survivor of the Royal Danish Arabia Expedition of 1761-1767, and this is the earliest reliable, detailed printed map of Yemen.