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Schreiber’s Map of the British Isles

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Schreiber’s Map of the British Isles

Date of publication:

Printed Measurement:
16 x 27 cm



  • Johann Georg Schreiber
  • Gros Britanni[en] oder Engelland Schottland und Irrland

    Copper engraving, 16 x 27 cm, original hand colour, margins a little dusty, blank verso.

    The cartouche is dominated by the Hanoverian coat of arms, and the legend on the right lists counties and regions of the British Isles identified with numbers and abbreviations on the map. Shirley suggests that Schreiber’s pocket ‘Atlas Selectus’ may have been engraved as early as 1730 and reissued circa 1749-1750. Shirley, Printed maps of the British Isles, Schreiber 1.