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Pope Innocent’s Aqueduct at Civitavecchia

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Pope Innocent’s Aqueduct at Civitavecchia

Date of publication:

Printed Measurement:
34 x 55 cm

black and white


  • Domenico de Rossi
  • Giovanni Giocomo de Rossi
  • Engraver(s):
    Alessandro Specchi

    Pianta del Nuovo Aquedotto che conduce l’acqua a Civita Vechia fabricato in parte sopra le ruuine dell’ antico construtto da Traiano Imperatore.

    Copper engraving, 34 x 55 cm, engraved by papal architect and engraver Alessandro Specchi after Cintius Florus, black and white, blank verso. From ‘Mercurio geografico’, an unusual and finely engraved work.

    This map shows the environs of Civitavecchia, engraved to illustrate the new aqueduct which supplied to water to Rome’s major port, then part of the Papal States. Constructed by Pope Innocent XII, it traced the course of the ancient original built by Trajan. After Innocent's death in 1700 Clement XI continued the project, which was completed in 1702.