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  • £150.00

    SDUK Map of Geneva

    Geneva (Genève) The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge was founded in 1826 with the high-minded aim of making 'useful' information avail...

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  • £100.00
    SDUK Toulon
    SDUK Toulon

    SDUK Map of Toulon

    Toulon Steel engraving, 33 x 40 cm; a map of Toulon engraved by B.R. Davies after W.B. Clarke, original hand colour, blank verso.

  • £350.00

    SDUK Map of Venice

    Ah, the queen of the Adriatic… Steel engraving, two sheets joined, 40 x 63 cm, engraved by Benjamin Rees Davies after William Barnard Clarke, trivi...

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