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Badeslade & Toms’ Map of Oxfordshire

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Badeslade & Toms’ Map of Oxfordshire

Date of publication:

Printed Measurement:
15.5 x 16 cm

black and white


  • Thomas Badeslade
  • William Henry Toms
  • A tiny little Oxfordshirette

    Copper engraving, 15.5 x 16 cm, black and white, blank verso; map of Oxfordshire engraved by Toms for Thomas Badeslade’s ‘Chorographia Britanniae’, an attractive pocket atlas which according to Badeslade himself was originally compiled for the use of George I.

    The panel on the left contains a wealth of local detail such as fairs and market days, the number of MPs returned to parliament and information about significant rivers. The atlas was first published in 1742, but additional roads were added a couple of years later (for example, the road running between Chipping Norton and Burford); a number of smaller villages such as Lewknor and Kiddington, not to mention the site of the Rollright Stones, have also been added to the plate.