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Maitland’s Plan of Baynard’s Castle & Faringdon Wards

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Maitland’s Plan of Baynard’s Castle & Faringdon Wards

Date of publication:

Printed Measurement:
36.5 x 47 cm

black and white


  • William Maitland
  • Engraver(s):
    Benjamin Cole

    Baynard’s Castle Ward [and] Faringdon Ward with their divisions into Parishes according to a new survey

    Copper engraving, 36.5 x 47 cm, engraved by Benjamin Cole, black and white, slight offsetting, blank verso; ward plan of Baynard’s Castle and Faringdon published in the greatly expanded second edition of Maitland’s History of London.

    Significant buildings, such as St Paul’s, are represented pictorially on the map; the River Fleet is labelled both ‘The New Canall’ and ‘Fleet Ditch’; with the arms of contemporary Aldermen Sir Robert Ladbroke and William Bridgen. Hyde, Ward Maps, 46.