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Revoltas da Armada Broadsheet Plan of Rio de Janeiro

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Revoltas da Armada Broadsheet Plan of Rio de Janeiro

Date of publication:

  • c.1893
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  • original
  • Mapmaker:

  • Anonymous
  • The 'Revoltas da Armada', the Brazilian naval mutinies of 1893-1894, were linked with the Federalist Rebellion against the recently-formed First Brazilian Republic.

    With many of the Brazilian navy's most powerful vessels in the hands of the rebels, the government hastily improvised a 'cardboard fleet' (purchasing whatever warships it could on the open market). Read more

    However, the government retained the support of the army, and was eventually able to crush the rebellion on sea and land. The foreign fleet – printed on this map in black – were cruisers from Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Argentina, tasked with protecting the interests of their respective nationals in the area during the revolt. 

    Condition & Materials

    Broadsheet publication, 31 x 46 cm, three maps on one sheet, printed in colours, old folds, one or two light spots and stains and some wear to folds, blank verso.


    The map may have been printed as a supplement for a local newspaper, but appears to have been sold separately (a price is printed, bottom left). No copies located on Worldcat. Read less