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On Maps

  • Kerry Lee's London

    Kerry Lee's London

    Artist and pictorial map maker Kerry Lee created two distinctive maps of London, both of which were revised and adapted over a 20 year period, between the late 1930s and mid 1950s. (Read our two posts about Kerry’s life and...

  • A Tourist's Guide to Stalin's USSR

    A Tourist's Guide to Stalin's USSR

    This little clutch of maps and guides was acquired in 1936 by a British tourist in Stalin’s USSR. Some of them bear the original owner’s dated inscription, ‘W. Hackett, 22.12.36’. I’ve encountered some of these publications individually before, and discussed...

  • Fred Stingemore: Man in the Middle

    Fred Stingemore: Man in the Middle

    Fred Stingemore’s contribution to the mapping of London’s Underground has been somewhat eclipsed by the reputations of the designers who came before and after, MacDonald Gill and Harry Beck. It was Gill who stripped away the surface topography completely, including...

  • From A-Z to Gay-Z

    From A-Z to Gay-Z

    Now and again I write in the hope that one of our readers is going to be able to offer further enlightenment. Today’s topic is gay city maps, made specifically for a gay audience. As far as I know, the...