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British Escape & Evasion Map of Southeast Asia

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British Escape & Evasion Map of Southeast Asia

Date of publication:

  • 1944
  • Place of publication:


  • original
  • Mapmaker:

  • M19
  • Sheets 44E/44F: North Sumatra and part of Siam/Part of Siam, Malaya and East Sumatra

    For the highly classified production of Escape & Evasion maps like this one, MI9 approached British games manufacturer Waddington’s through the Ministry of Supply as the firm already had a proven track record of printing on silk. Bond suggests that the maps were then folded and hemmed in nearby Macclesfield.  Read more

    As with Series 43, the base map for Series 44 was the International Map of the World (IMW). Bond notes that this series appears to have been ‘produced for both escape and evasion and operational purposes’ by South East Asian Command. In the high humidity and testing climatic conditions of this theatre, fabric maps were practical for infantry as well as aircrew. 

    Condition & Materials 

    Double sided escape and vvasion map, sheet size 92 x 60 cm, printed in colours on rayon, old folds. 


    For Series 44, see Barbara Bond, Great Escapes, 2015, pp.235-236. Read less