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Jewish Chronicle Map of Palestine

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Jewish Chronicle Map of Palestine

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102 x 75 cm sheet size


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  • Jewish Chronicle
  • The Jewish Chronicle Map of Palestine – New Map of Palestine, showing the proposed U.N. boundaries of Israel; Jewish and Arab towns, villages and settlements; plans of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa; index of place names

    Folding map of Palestine, sheet size 102 x 75 cm, printed in colours, blank verso, folding into blue publisher’s wrappers, with only the most trivial edge-wear.

    Our example of the map carries the printed date August 1948 and is probably the first edition. It may have been preceded by an undated example, as Worldcat notes an example tentatively dated ‘circa 1947’. As the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine was adopted at the end of November this is just possible: the Jewish Chronicle announced the creation of the state of Israel on the front page of the edition of December 5 1947, and the story dominated the paper over the next year, as circulation doubled (see Cesarini, ‘The Jewish Chronicle and Anglo-Jewry’, pp. 194-5). However, it seems more likely that the cataloguer simply missed the date.

    In her memoir Phyllis Pearsal wrote: ‘based on my father’s [Alexander Gross] American Map of Palestine showing the proposed UN boundaries we published our own in August 1948 for the Jewish Chronicle’. She goes on to say that, other than among the paper’s readers, sales were disappointing (Pearsall, ‘A-Z Maps: the personal story, from bedsitter to household name’, p. 119). The British mandate expired in May 1948, and the ongoing civil war developed immediately into the Arab-Israeli War. The 1949 armistice agreements rendered the UN proposals redundant, and later editions of the map refer to Israel. See OCLC 71654488/556936024/941815985